Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 7 Exploring El Valle

Our morning started with a cup of coffee on the front patio of the main house. Dennis put food out for the birds but this morning very few came, mainly because the family parrot was in the tree hogging the food!

We decided to check out the “Gourmet Coffee Shop” to get our fill of the great Panamanian coffee. We sat on their covered patio, caught up on the blog and made plans for the day. We spent about an hour at the Internet shop to log on and update the blog ($1.00 per hour).

By this time it was lunchtime and we had a sandwich at the Don Pepe Hotel and Restaurant. We find that the portions served in Panama are even larger than in the US which is not going to do much for our waistlines!

After lunch we drove around a very nice residential area up the mountain. There is great wealth in El Valle and some of the houses that we saw were huge mansions set in exquisite grounds. Our goal was to check out a B&B called The Golden Frog situated further up the mountain. We met Larry, one of the owners, who told us the history of the property and gave us a tour of the facilities. The site is absolutely stunning! We have learned that all the hotels in the area are for sale and the Golden Frog is one of them! Real estate prices have increased tremendously in the past few years and many people are looking to make a fortune on their properties. Sounds familiar??!! So, the best thing to do is wait for a year of so and see what the prices are then!

We continued our tour and drove past three other hotels in the area before heading back to town to buy some coffee and a few odds and ends that we needed. Back at the Cabana we settled down on our patio for a cocktail and some snacks and chatted with our host, Dennis. A quick trip down town to the local Pizza Parlor for an excellent pizza and another full day came to a close.

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