Saturday, November 21, 2009

Day 8 More El Valle!

After Bill fixed coffee and served it on the patio along with pastries purchased the night before at the Bakery, he was so exhausted he needed to rest in the hammock! It’s a tough life in Panama!

As we were sitting enjoying our coffee a humming bird came whizzing past us, checking out the flowers within a few feet of where we were sitting. Iridescent green and red, this little bird had come visiting last night as well! The owners of the property will be installing bird feeders and planting more bird-friendly plants to make this a wonderful bird sanctuary.

We decided to check out the waterfall and zip line that is just a short distance from our cabana. The walk takes 15 – 20 minutes and we decided that Bill would do that while Priscilla sat in the car and caught up on the Blog. Bill took a video of his walk and it will be posted - along with others - as soon as we return to the States and figure out how to do it!

The road up the mountain from the waterfall check-in site looked pretty rough but we were assured that our vehicle could make it. So --- off we went! We came across signs indicating “Las Nubes – Where the Earth meets the Sky” and continued our drive up some very steep roads – definitely not a drive you’d do at night or after a party! They are not kidding! Thankfully, the road soon became paved, otherwise only a 4-wheel drive vehicle would be able to make it. Even so, it was a pretty hairy ride! We saw 2 houses that were completed but didn’t look occupied and 1 house that was being constructed. Definitely too remote for our tastes – it would be a “safari” to get a loaf of bread! However, we’re sure this is only one of many developments planned for the future that will surely change the face – and pace - of El Valle.

On our return to town we met up with Mario, whose son owns the Bruschetta restaurant and the Pizza Parlor. He had told us that he knew of a house for rent nearby and he took us to see it. The house is owned by an airline flight attendant and was available for rent for $650 per month. Unfortunately, the caretaker, was not available but, from what we were able to see, it looked like a very nice property. 3 bedroom/2 bath with a beautiful garden. We’ll see if it is available when we come back in a few months..

After checking out the market – fruits, plants and tourist items - we had lunch at the Residencial Hotel on the main street and met a couple who were from – guess where? – the Orlando area! They had come up to El Valle for the day from Panama City and were a little disappointed that there wasn’t much to do here. We recommended several things for them to do (we’ve only been here 3days and we are already playing Tour Guide!) and then went back “home” to our cabana.

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Post some Pictures ...hope you guys are having fun